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Man is injured by a 300-pound beverage cart on flight

People who travel on airplanes are trusting the pilots and other professionals on the flights to keep them safe. This doesn't always happen. In some cases, people are injured on these flights. Being injured in the air isn't ever a pleasant experience because there isn't any easy or fast way to get appropriate medical care.

One man discovered just how devastating it can be when an injury occurs in the air. The man was struck in the head by a fully loaded beverage cart that weighed 300 pounds. He suffered a laceration on his head, but the pilot refused to make an emergency landing despite the bleeding man's injury.

Working out child custody cases can help your children

We recently discussed how divorces can have a negative impact on a child's immunity. This is one reason why it is so important for parents to try to keep everything peaceful during the divorce. Of course, there are some instances in which one parent can't control how the other parent reacts to certain things regarding the divorce. In this case, the focus becomes trying to keep the children protected.

We know that it is difficult to see your children go through this situation. This is when you will have to make some tough decisions about how you can help your child as the divorce moves forward. One of the things that you are going to have to decide is how you are going to work out the child custody issues with your ex.

Divorce can impact a child's immunity

It has long been known that children can suffer during a bitter divorce. Some parents might not realize the full extent that this can impact their children. A recent study notes that children can suffer from decreases in immunity when their parents are going through a bitter divorce.

The reason for this dip in immunity is that stress can lead to troubles with immunity. When there is a stress at a young age, the person is more likely to suffer from immunity weakness later in life. This could manifest into chronic conditions that could negatively impact the child's health for his or her entire adulthood.

Your credit: A consideration during property division negotiation

When you think of the ways that a divorce might impact your life, you will likely think about things like having to move or pay bills on your own. You might not think about factors like how the divorce is going to impact your credit.

Many people don't worry too much about credit. To be fair, the only time that you will probably worry about how the divorce impacts your credit is if you are planning to use your credit to make ends meet or to get the things that you need to get.

Car crashes are on the rise, and so are personal injuries

Statistics from 2015 gathered by the National Safety Council revealed that from January to June that year, there were almost 2.3 million serious injuries. That figure was up 30 percent over the same period in 2014. The term "serious injuries" is defined by the NSC as those that required medical attention.

The upswing in traffic accidents, fatalities and injuries is troubling, but what caused the increase? The NSC places at least some of the blame on the economy.

Don't get railroaded during your divorce

Your divorce is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because it is a chance to start anew. It is a curse because you have to divide everything accumulated during the marriage. This includes everything from property to children.

As you go through your divorce proceedings, you have to ensure that you aren't letting your ex railroad you into agreeing to things that you don't find agreeable. You have to be willing to negotiate but you don't have to just agree to whatever your ex says.

Plan for what is best for your children

Child custody orders don't have to be what is best for the adults involved. Instead, these orders have to take the children into consideration. Most parents don't mind this because they truly want their children to be healthy, happy and thriving. If you are facing a child custody battle, you should take the time to think about the best interests of your children before you do anything else.

We understand that you and your ex might not agree about what is best for your children. This is where mediation and negotiations come into picture. You and your ex can work together to determine what arrangement will work for your children.

Car crash injuries can have a negative impact on your life

Car accident injuries can have a negative effect on your life. Even those like the ones that don't show up right away that we discussed in our previous blog can have a huge impact on your life. We know that you might be surprised at the way that these injuries are affecting you, but you must make sure not to try to just ignore the fact that you are injured.

Some people who are involved in car accidents think that because the injury didn't show up right away that they aren't that serious. This might not be the case at all. For example, if you have a slow brain bleed, ignoring the issue can lead to death.

Not all injuries show up at the time of a car crash

Some car crashes jar your body in a way that you don't realize that you are hurt until you have a chance to sit down and rest. This could be partially because of the adrenaline rush that occurs with accidents. Regardless of the cause, you should be prepared in case you do have delayed symptoms after a crash.

There are several different places where delayed pain might occur. Each one can be the result of something serious, so you should likely get medical care if you experience any of these.

Know what the court means by best interests of the child

In all child custody cases, there is only one focus -- the best interests of the child. This is easy for some people to understand; however, some people really struggle with understanding this concept.

If you are in the midst of a child custody battle, you need to keep your child's interests at the heart of every decision or petition you make. It might help you to do this if you think about what the court considers for the best interests of the child.

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