4 steps to take after a hit-and-run car crash



Nobody wants to be in a car accident. After all, you may sustain serious injuries and extensive property damage in a crash. If the negligent driver who caused the collision flees the scene, though, you may not know how to respond. 

AAA reports that there were nearly 740,000 hit-and-run accidents in the United States in 2015. That year, this type of collision caused more than 2,000 individuals to lose their lives. Because a hit-and-run crash happens every 43 seconds, you should have a plan for dealing with one. Here are some suggestions: 

1. Call 911

If the other driver elects not to stick around after a crash, you should alert law enforcement. Calling 911 is the best way to ensure emergency responders arrive quickly. When officers investigate the crash, inform them of how it unfolded. Also, tell them any relevant information you can remember about the other driver and vehicle. 

2. Seek medical treatment

In any car accident, you and your passengers are vulnerable to injury. Unfortunately, some injury symptoms do not present themselves until days after a collision. Therefore, following a hit-and-run wreck, you should seek medical treatment. Only after a qualified healthcare professional examines you can you know the extent of your injuries. 

3. Document the scene

With most car accidents, investigators have the input of all drivers. While you can likely rely on the accuracy of an official police report, you probably want to document the crash scene yourself. Provided you can do so without injuring yourself or others, try to take some photographs. Also, talk to any witness who may have seen the crash. 

4. Focus on your recovery

Recovering from a car accident can take a tremendous amount of effort, time and money. Still, you want to do what you can to return to good health. Therefore, follow your doctor’s orders and focus on your recovery. If you do not seem to be getting better, consider asking a different physician for a second opinion. 

With some luck, you may never find yourself responding to a hit-and-run accident. Nevertheless, because these crashes happen at an alarming rate, you must know what to do after one. Fortunately, by taking certain steps, you can likely better position yourself to manage such an incident effectively.