Effective Divorce And Family Law Representation In eastern Tennessee

Today's family dynamic is much different than it was just a few decades ago. The divorce rate is up, creating single-parent or blended families. People relocate frequently meaning children do not necessarily spend their youth going to the same school in the same town. There is no longer a model for the "typical" American family.

As your family circumstances change, it is important to have both the personal and legal support you need. An experienced and understanding Kingsport area family law attorney is only a telephone call away.

At Todd & Dossett, P.C., our family law and divorce attorney Stephen Todd has represented clients throughout eastern Tennessee for several decades. He recognizes the concerns you are facing and helps you to determine achievable outcomes.

Handling A Wide Variety Of Family Law Concerns

When most people hear the words "family law", divorce immediately comes to mind. In actuality, the umbrella term "family law" encompasses such topics as paternity, adoption and juvenile law, in addition to divorce-related matters, including:

As our client, you are certain to benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of family law, creative strategies to resolve your problem and virtual 24/7 availability for your questions and concerns.

Your Solutions Begin With An Initial Consultation

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