Avoid these dangerous Tennessee roads



Sometimes, staying safe when you commute or travel requires rethinking your route. Some roads have serious hazards that increase your likelihood of involvement in an auto accident. 

Protect yourself and others with extra caution on these four dangerous Tennessee highways. 

Interstate 40 

CBS News named this stretch of road as the deadliest highway in Tennessee. The station noted that an average of 52 deaths a year occur on the state’s section of I-40, which travels through the major metro areas of Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville. 

Tail of the Dragon 

This 11-mile road, part of Interstate 129 that travels through Tennessee en route to North Carolina, puts motorists at risk with more than 300 hairpin twists and turns. The Cherokee National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains surround this picturesque stretch, and sightseers may be unprepared for the drop-offs and blind curves. In addition, deer and other wildlife cause collisions here when they dash in front of traffic. 

Interstate 24 

Spanning 185 miles in Tennessee, this route is the site of several dozen fatal crashes each year according to the CBS News report. Specifically, the section traveling through Monteagle Mountain poses a significant risk of trucking accidents. Drivers should be aware of the steep downgrades and sharp curves in this area. Give truckers plenty of room to maneuver and stop if necessary, and pay close attention to speed limits here. 

Interstate 65  

This highway ranks just below I-24 in terms of fatal driving incidents in Tennessee. I-65 serves the Nashville metro area and spans just under 122 miles. CBS News reports that this interstate is the site of about 26 traffic fatalities each year. 

In addition to avoiding Tennessee’s most dangerous roads, drivers can take other steps to avoid serious auto accident injury. For example, motorists should eliminate smartphones and other distractions, practice defensive driving techniques, and refrain from driving while drowsy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.