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  • What is the first step to take in getting a divorce?

    Your marriage might have been on the rocks for the past few months or years. After giving your best efforts to save it, you may have finally decided that you are ready to file for divorce. Getting a divorce can be complicated, though, and it comes with many steps that are too difficult to take […]

  • Cutting out driving distractions may save your life

    You might feel like multitasking behind the wheel doesn’t impact your driving abilities. But no matter how many accidents you’ve dodged or how clean your driving record is, engaging in distractions is still careless to do while driving. To preserve your safety, it’s essential to figure out ways to avoid driving while distracted. In 2018 […]

  • How do I protect my children in a divorce?

    Going through a divorce is a significant challenge for the spouses involved. Divorces can be extremely emotionally taxing on adults, but they can leave children with more than just stress. If parents are not looking after their children in a divorce, the children can face lifelong consequences. Studies have shown that a divorce can create more […]

  • Avoid these dangerous Tennessee roads

    Sometimes, staying safe when you commute or travel requires rethinking your route. Some roads have serious hazards that increase your likelihood of involvement in an auto accident.  Protect yourself and others with extra caution on these four dangerous Tennessee highways.  Interstate 40  CBS News named this stretch of road as the deadliest highway in Tennessee. The […]

  • Social media posts may complicate a divorce

    Tennessee residents going through a divorce may feel it is an appropriate time to update their social media network regarding the status of their relationship. However, rushing to change “married” to “single” could cause otherwise preventable complications.  Seemingly innocent comments posted online could stir up a confrontation with a soon-to-be ex-spouse. It could also affect […]

  • Stay safe in dense fog with these 3 driving tips

    During cold winter months, motorists rightfully worry about having an accident on an icy or snowy stretch of highway. You should not forget the dangers of driving in fog, though. After all, if you cannot see the roadway in front of your vehicle, you have a risk of crashing into slow-moving traffic. A late-December video from North […]

  • 4 steps to take after a hit-and-run car crash

    Nobody wants to be in a car accident. After all, you may sustain serious injuries and extensive property damage in a crash. If the negligent driver who caused the collision flees the scene, though, you may not know how to respond.  AAA reports that there were nearly 740,000 hit-and-run accidents in the United States in 2015. That […]

  • Wedding planners share insights into marital health

    Getting married is a big event for the bride and groom. This should be the start of a beautiful journey; however, not all marriages last until death do they part. Sadly, divorce is the end of many marriage. Wedding planners have a unique perspective on weddings. They have the opportunity to see the bride and […]

  • Help to reduce the prevalence of sibling rivalry after divorce

    Divorce is hard on children, especially when they have thoughts and emotions that they aren’t sure how to deal with yet. As a parent, it might be your natural inclination to want to protect them from all of these but that likely isn’t going to happen. One of the negative things that might happen during […]

  • Detail what happened in your shopping injury claim

    We recently discussed how shopping trips shouldn’t lead to anyone getting injured or killed. With the busy holiday shopping season looming ahead, all merchants should plan how they can best keep their patrons safe. Some stores lack proper storage room and methods for arranging their wares. In some cases, employees just assume that it’s safe […]

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