Careful planning is required for some divorce decisions



We recently discussed the emotional effects that a divorce can have on you, as well as some ways that you can cope with these. Many people don’t realize just how emotional the process is. Even if you were the one who filed for the divorce, you are still likely going to experience a range of feelings about the divorce.

It is all too easy in these cases to let your heart rule instead of your head. The problem with this is that your heart might not have your future in mind when you most need to think clearly. Focus on the factors you have control over the in the divorce. This isn’t always easy, but we are here to give you our opinion about matters.

There are several aspects of divorce that require very careful thinking. Dividing up real estate holdings and retirement accounts are two very important but complex processes. Getting this right is advantageous to you, so they must be handled with finesse or they can become burdensome. For example, you might be tempted to ask for the vacation home, but if it is underwater or needs costly repairs, this might not be a good idea.

We understand that you might find it difficult to think about the future at this emotional time. We can help you evaluate each decision in the divorce so that you remain focused on getting the best settlement possible. Once we sit down together and discuss the goals you have for your property settlement, we can work toward achieving them so you are poised for success in your post-divorce life.