Detail what happened in your shopping injury claim



We recently discussed how shopping trips shouldn’t lead to anyone getting injured or killed. With the busy holiday shopping season looming ahead, all merchants should plan how they can best keep their patrons safe.

Some stores lack proper storage room and methods for arranging their wares. In some cases, employees just assume that it’s safe to stack merchandise up to maximize the space. This decision could prove deadly. Consider what might happen if a case of canned goods falls from a top shelf and hits someone on the head. The customer could suffer a catastrophic head or spinal injury. This is completely preventable if proper storage and stocking techniques were instead observed.

Falling merchandise isn’t the only hazard. Holiday displays sometimes use extension cords to power light displays. These cords can pose a trip hazard.

Still other dangers may be presented by fellow shoppers when the store gets very busy, especially during Black Friday sales.

We know that you just wanted to get the items on your list and carry on with your day. You certainly never expected to suffer a disabling injury. If you get injured, you may decide to seek compensation for the damages you suffered — from medical bills to pain, suffering and more.

Your claim for compensation must be timely filed and properly litigated. We will show what happened and why the defendant is financially accountable for your accident and injuries, which is central to your case. We will build a strong case for you to be compensated for the store’s negligence. That way you can work hard learning to overcome the challenges that your injury caused.