Protecting Your Rights In The Aftermath Of A Crash

You’re never prepared for a motor vehicle accident, but you can be prepared for what comes after the accident. There are some very simple steps you can take to document the incident and protect your rights. Take a minute to jot down the information below and store it in your glove box or bookmark this page on your phone’s web browser.

First Make Sure You And Your Passengers Are Okay

This first step is obvious. But in the immediate aftermath of an accident, it’s easier to overlook than you might think. If you or one of your passengers is injured, do not move unless it is dangerous to remain where you are, then call 911 to report the accident and get an ambulance if one is needed.

Don’t Move Your Car Unless It Is Necessary

The goal is to preserve the scene as much as possible until the authorities arrive. Turn on your hazard lights and leave your vehicle where it came to a stop. You may also be suffering from shock and not realize you are injured – you could pass out while moving the vehicle and cause a second accident.

Take Pictures At The Scene

Use your phone to take pictures of any vehicles involved in the crash, license plates of vehicles in the crash and on the scene, the accident scene and, if they are willing, other people on the scene, especially the other driver.

If Possible, Speak Only To The Authorities

Don’t speak to the other driver. If people ask you if you are hurt, it is alright to tell them, but do not talk about the accident itself. You may be in shock and say things that are either not true or make you sound like you may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Do Not Admit Fault

Experts are going to review the accident scene and determine who is at fault whether anyone admits to it or not. Remember that you only saw the accident from your perspective and even if you believe you may be at fault, you don’t know exactly what happened. Admitting fault can count against you even if you weren’t found to be at fault.

Contact The Accident Attorneys At Todd & Dossett, P.C.

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