You May Be Able To Collect Workers’ Comp Benefits And File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others when it comes to the risk of injury. Industrial and construction work in Tennessee and Virginia is rugged and dangerous. The heavy machinery and frantic pace set in factories and construction sites can result in serious injuries.

If a machine malfunction or an error on the part of a third-party contractor at a work site results in a serious injury, the injured party may be able to recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit in addition to recovering workers’ compensation benefits. The experienced legal team at Todd & Dossett, P.C., helps workers in eastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia protect their rights and maximize the amount they recover when a work injury occurs.

Of course, injuries in the workplace can occur in any setting. For example, a delivery person who is injured in a car accident may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in addition to receiving workers’ compensation benefits. We can review the facts of your case and determine if it’s appropriate to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

A History Of Success In Personal Injury

Our firm’s 50-plus-year reputation for dedication, experience and commitment can see you through your time of pain and suffering. Our attorneys assist injured workers with both personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims. We will thoroughly investigate the workplace accident, consult with physicians and work to pinpoint OSHA violations that may have led to your injuries.

You can trust us to deal with uncooperative employers, collect testimony from eyewitnesses and issue subpoenas for records that perhaps your company does not want us to see. We are a full-service personal injury law office devoted to your recovery — both physically and financially.

A Prompt Response Is Critical

We will use our knowledge of personal injury and workers’ compensation law to fight aggressively for your rights, including your right to your job and to full financial compensation for your injury.

Meeting with our injury lawyers as soon as possible following your work-related accident is critical to maximizing the amount you recover. Call 866-936-9863 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. There are no upfront costs, and you only pay an attorney fee if we collect for you, either through a negotiated settlement or a court verdict.