Should you date during your divorce?



Divorce is a complex matter. After separating from a former spouse, you may feel ready to get involved with someone new before your divorce decree is final.

While it is not unlawful to begin dating while going through a divorce, there are many considerations to take into account before seeing someone new while still legally married.

Dating during divorce

Emotions are often high during a divorce and separation process for both parties. Because of this, your decision to start dating may impact:

  • Your ex-spouse’s goodwill toward you and your case
  • His or her willingness to reach swift or amicable decisions
  • Your co-parenting relationship
  • Your children’s emotions and comfort during the transition
  • Whether your divorce case considers it marital misconduct or adultery

Even if you and your former spouse have separated for a long period, dating may complicate your ability to work with your ex-partner to achieve a swift and civil conclusion to your marriage.

Legal proceedings

Any divorce introduces complicated legal and emotional circumstances that can grow increasingly complex with a new love interest in the picture. Your divorce may become more time-consuming, and therefore more expensive if you or your ex-spouse are no longer able to cooperate during proceedings.

Ultimately, dating could impact the outcome of your divorce if it occurs before your marriage has fully dissolved. While it is not guaranteed to harm your case, dating may make it more difficult to heal, come to legal decisions and reach mutual agreements that best suit your family’s needs moving forward.