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The Experience And Care You Need For Personal Injury And Family Law Matters
Todd & Dossett, P.C., has served east Tennessee families with experience and great care for more than 65 years.
For The Injured, Disabled And Divorcing In Kingsport And East Tennessee

Fighting For Your Rights And Relationships

Tom Dossett and Stephen Todd built their successful personal injury and family law firm decades ago for one reason: to make a positive difference in the lives of their fellow Tennesseans.

Our clients appreciate us. Our peers respect us. Of those, our former opponents recognize our dedication to justice in all of its forms, inside of the courtroom and out.

Effective Solutions Delivered Efficiently

Our versatile practice serves a number of diverse constituencies in Tennessee, including:


  • Spouses with marriages that are ending, in a range of divorce actions, and locked in disagreements over child custody and visitation, financial support and property division; also for post-judgment modifications and enforcements of custody and support
  • Families of injured accident victims, those with catastrophic injuries to brain and spinal cord, and those whose injuries proved fatal, for cases of wrongful death

Whether your life has been upended by a pending contested divorce or personal injury claim that an insurer is resistant to, our Todd & Dossett attorneys answer your questions honestly and thoroughly, and do everything we can to put your mind at rest.

As your attorneys, we are honored to seek justice for you, in your time of need.

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