Know specific points about mediation during a divorce



Mediation during divorce is a way that you and your ex can work out the terms of your settlement. Many people prefer this method because it puts you and your ex in charge of what happens during the divorce. Understanding mediation and how the process works can help you to decide if this is an option that you are willing to consider.

First, you must know that you can have a lawyer represent you when you are going through the mediation. This lets you get legal advice, find out your options and know what the information presented to you means.

Second, the mediation process isn’t a free-for-all way to resolve the divorce. Instead, it is a structured process that involves you working with a third-party mediator who can help you keep things on track. The mediator can’t make you or your ex agree to anything. You have the full right to refuse specific points during the process.

Third, mediation is often a much faster resolution than going through a trial. You don’t have to wait for a trial date to open up. You don’t have to prepare for a trial. Instead, you and your have to present offers to each other to decide what is going to happen.

Finally, you always have the option to go through a trial if you don’t come to an agreement with your ex. This means that you really don’t have anything to lose if you try to go through mediation first.

Be sure that you prepare properly for a mediation session. Know the laws that apply to your case. Think about what kind of agreements you are willing to accept. Understanding these points ahead of time can make the process a bit easier for you.

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