Make each divorce decision based on clarity



In our previous two blog posts, we’ve discussed matters related to child custody. While this is likely the thorniest component that you must deal with when in the midst of a divorce, it certainly isn’t the only issue you have to address.

Another major aspect of the divorce that you need to consider is the property division process. This is something that is handled separately from child custody matters. Many divorces and custody arrangements are finalized without the property division portion having been hashed out between the parties or in court.

What would happen if your ex told you that if you give up your retirement account, you could have the children without any battles? This is one example of why it is important to keep these issues apart. By working on one area at a time, you can reduce the risk that one process will corrupt the other.

We understand that you might just want to plow through the issues so that you can end the marriage. While this may initially seem like a good idea, it hardly ever is. You need to take the time to review different arrangements so that you can get an idea about how each option might affect you later.

When you are dividing property, remember that you have to think about the value of the property now, how it might fluctuate in the future and what expenses are associated with retaining the property. In some cases, you may discover that there are aspects that are deal-breakers. You may even want to just sign over the property to your ex. We can help you to evaluate the wisdom behind this, and other, possibilities.