Man is injured by a 300-pound beverage cart on flight



People who travel on airplanes are trusting the pilots and other professionals on the flights to keep them safe. This doesn’t always happen. In some cases, people are injured on these flights. Being injured in the air isn’t ever a pleasant experience because there isn’t any easy or fast way to get appropriate medical care.

One man discovered just how devastating it can be when an injury occurs in the air. The man was struck in the head by a fully loaded beverage cart that weighed 300 pounds. He suffered a laceration on his head, but the pilot refused to make an emergency landing despite the bleeding man’s injury.

The man opted to file a lawsuit against American Airlines for his injury. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and now has post-concussive syndrome. This occurred even though there was a nurse on the flight who helped to care for the man until he could seek appropriate medical care.

The airline employees who take care of the plane and handle matters while the plane is filled with people must properly do the jobs they are assigned. This includes making sure that items are properly secured so they don’t break loose in the cabin. As you can imagine, loose objects can cause serious problems during turbulence and while the plane is in the air.

When a person is injured on an airplane, there is a good chance that the actions of an airline representative caused the injury. This isn’t always the case, but when there is negligence present, the person who was injured might opt to seek compensation.

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