Wedding planners share insights into marital health



Getting married is a big event for the bride and groom. This should be the start of a beautiful journey; however, not all marriages last until death do they part. Sadly, divorce is the end of many marriage.

Wedding planners have a unique perspective on weddings. They have the opportunity to see the bride and groom before the big day and get to watch how they interact with each other and family members during the planning phase for the wedding. This insight has led wedding planners to make some interesting observations.

One thing that often shows a marriage will fail is how the bride and groom interact with the other person’s family. If they have a divide and conquer method for welcoming guests to the wedding, the marriage might be in trouble.

One of the future spouses making all the important decisions without asking the other person is another sign that the marriage might be doomed from the start. This shows that the two people aren’t truly working together. Even if they do work together and one of them is acting like a bridezilla or groomzilla, the marriage might not last.

Even the actions of the family members can signal an issue. If the family members act in a hostile manner toward the “other” side of the wedding party, this is an issue. In some cases, the snide remarks or slights might come from the best man or maid of honor.

Finally, if the bride or groom gets very drunk at the wedding, it might mean the marriage is already in trouble. Having a few drinks isn’t something strange, but more than a few is a bad deal.

If you are already married and considering ending the marriage, make sure that you think carefully about the terms of the divorce. If you are engaged, make sure you watch out for these signs of marital trouble so that you can correct them or walk away.

Source: Brittany Wong, “10 Telltale Signs A Marriage Won’t Last, According To Wedding Planners,” Sep. 29, 2017