What should and shouldn’t I do during a divorce?



You are adult and are entitled to do what you feel you need to do, as long as those actions are within the boundaries of the law. When you are going through a divorce, this is still your right. It might not be the best thing for you to do. Be sure that you think carefully about what you do and don’t do if you are going through a divorce because everything might be scrutinized during the process.

Does social media have an impact on divorce?

What you say and pictures you post on social media accounts can have an impact on some aspects of divorce. You should be very careful about what you post. If you think that there is something that might be construed incorrectly, it is best to just skip that post. Some people might opt to stay away from social media until the divorce is over just so they don’t make any mistakes.

How should I behave during the divorce?

Ideally, you will work with your ex to get the divorce completed as quickly as possible. Working through the property division and child custody matters can help you to get everything hashed out faster. You shouldn’t try to play hardball or get back at your ex for the divorce. Instead, act like a responsible adult who is ready to move on with life.

Throughout the divorce process, questions are bound to come up. Seek out answers for these questions so that you know exactly how your actions can affect each aspect of your divorce. The last thing you need is to make a mistake that ruins your future.

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