Woman’s car smashed by tanker truck rollover



Semi trucks pose very serious risks to the people who drive around them. These vehicles are very large and very heavy, which can prove devastating if they are involved in an accident with a smaller passenger vehicle. This was recently highlighted when a tanker truck rolled over on a sedan.

It is unclear exactly how the accident occurred. Both drivers were injured, but only the driver of the sedan was hospitalized. She is said to be in stable condition. The driver of the tanker was treated and released for his injuries.

Rescue workers had to free the woman from her smashed car, which was squished down like a pancake in the accident. Heavy equipment had to be used to remove the tanker from the sedan as the accident was being cleared.

The tanker truck wasn’t fully loaded when the accident occurred. It is believed that only the tanker’s side tanks had water in them. No hazardous materials were thought to be on board. Authorities planned a reconstruction to try to determine what happened.

People who are injured in accidents involving semi trucks might opt to seek compensation. Determining what factors contributed to the crash is one important step in the process as this will help you to determine who is liable for the damages you suffered.

If you opt to seek compensation for an injury caused by a semi truck accident, be sure to keep detailed records about what happened, what injuries you suffered and what financial damages you face because of the accident. All of these are important factors as you build your claim for compensation against the appropriate parties.

Source: WKRN.com, “Tanker falls on car during Clarksville crash, trapping woman inside,” Jan. 23, 2017