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Help to reduce the prevalence of sibling rivalry after divorce

Divorce is hard on children, especially when they have thoughts and emotions that they aren't sure how to deal with yet. As a parent, it might be your natural inclination to want to protect them from all of these but that likely isn't going to happen.

Toddler custody plans require careful planning

Each age group for a child comes with specific concerns and considerations. This is especially true for parents who are dealing with child custody issues. For parents who have toddlers, there are some very important things to think about when you are trying to make a child custody agreement.

Working out child custody cases can help your children

We recently discussed how divorces can have a negative impact on a child's immunity. This is one reason why it is so important for parents to try to keep everything peaceful during the divorce. Of course, there are some instances in which one parent can't control how the other parent reacts to certain things regarding the divorce. In this case, the focus becomes trying to keep the children protected.

Plan for what is best for your children

Child custody orders don't have to be what is best for the adults involved. Instead, these orders have to take the children into consideration. Most parents don't mind this because they truly want their children to be healthy, happy and thriving. If you are facing a child custody battle, you should take the time to think about the best interests of your children before you do anything else.

Know the points to include in your child custody case

Child custody cases are close to a parent's heart. Your heart wants you to be around your child all the time. This might not be what is best for your child. More than likely, your child needs time to spend with his or her other parent. This is why the child custody case is so important. It gives parents a chance to come up with an agreement that governs what happens with their child.

Making parenting time transitions easier on your kids

Most divorced parents share custody of their children. Whether the kids transition between their parents' homes every weekend or only during holidays and vacations, these transition times can be stressful for both the parents and kids -- particularly at the beginning.

Special needs children have special considerations in divorce

Children who have special needs because of a disability or medical condition rely on structure and certain things to live life. When a special needs child's parents divorce, the fact that the child does have these extraordinary needs can pose a unique challenge in the child custody agreement. If you are facing a divorce and have a child with special needs, you should consider some important points.

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