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  • Johnson City teen among many cyclist hurt by hit-and-run drivers

    A hit-and-run incident that injured an 18-year-old Johnson City bicyclist last fall continues to add to the growing tally of cyclists hurt in similar occurrences. Luckily, this college student lived to tell about the accident, which left him with a broken left arm and leg. The teen was riding his bicycle in Elizabethton in the early […]

  • Detail what happened in your shopping injury claim

    We recently discussed how shopping trips shouldn’t lead to anyone getting injured or killed. With the busy holiday shopping season looming ahead, all merchants should plan how they can best keep their patrons safe. Some stores lack proper storage room and methods for arranging their wares. In some cases, employees just assume that it’s safe […]

  • Don’t ignore these signs of a head injury

    Falling can sometimes be embarrassing, especially if you are not able to get right back up and assure bystanders that you are okay. If you hit your head, though, that blow could cause serious after-effects. When a trauma interrupts your brain’s normal ability to function, you may have experienced a traumatic brain injury. The Centers […]

  • How to obtain compensation for a work injury in Tennessee

    Whether you work in a dangerous industry or a relatively safe one, you run the risk of a workplace injury. It may occur through an accident, repeated movements or exposure to harmful substances. Regardless of your job, you may receive financial compensation for your injury through two different avenues. Each has a different process and […]

  • Injured by a drunk driver? Know your rights

    If you are like millions of other people in the U.S., you tuned in to the Super Bowl this weekend. Sadly, many of the other people who watched the game ended their night with the reckless decision to drink and drive home. This is an unfortunately common decision people make on Super Bowl Sunday. In […]

  • 3 types of product defects that lead to personal injury

    When you think of a personal injury claim, car accidents and falls may first come to mind. However, personal injury claims are not limited to motor vehicle accidents and premises liability – they also include harm you have received from a defective product you used at home or at work, known as products liability. The causes […]

  • Signs of physical abuse in a nursing home

    Families send elderly loved ones to nursing homes to receive the proper round-the-clock care and personal attention the elderly need for their health. This practice is supposed to bring peace of mind. However, a third of nursing home residents suffer abuse. It can be difficult for the elderly to speak up and report it due […]